Workers’ Compensation

25th Jul 2014

In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation, cases are decided by Workers’ Compensation Judges. These Judges have certain requirements that they have to meet before appointment as a Judge by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, a …

17th Jul 2014

Many employers set up so-called panels of medical providers to treat injured workers for work related injuries. Under the new Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation act if an employer sets up a list of at least six healthcare providers the injured worker …

30th May 2014

When I first started to practice Workers’ Compensation Law in 1970 the most any individual could receive for lost wages as a result of a work injury was $60 per week. Now it is $932 per week. What a difference …

If you are an injured worker and you’ve been disabled as a result of your accident, you are probably receiving temporary total disability (TTD) benefits.  Those benefits are intended to compensate you for the wages that you’ve lost because of …

12th May 2014

If I could have one wish, it would be that, whenever someone was hurt at work they would call an attorney immediately. Because, even the simplest case can become complex without warning, and, the longer one goes without a lawyer, …

26th Feb 2014

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently issued a ruling that will help injured workers who are faced with labor market surveys by a vocational expert hired by the workers compensation carrier. In Phoenixville Hosp. v. Workers’ Comp. Appeal Bd., 81 …

20th Jan 2014


Professor Leonard T. Jernigan Jr. has compiled a list of 2013′s Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases Today’s post comes from guest author Leonard Jernigan, from The Jernigan Law Firm.Employer Fraud Cases (9):$44,962,492.00Employee Fraud Cases (1): $1,500,000.00Total: $46,462,492.00 Every year …

2nd Aug 2013

Workplace accidents are unfortunate for the people who suffer from them, and often their families as well. In some work environments, employees are taking physical risks just by coming to work.

28th Jun 2013

A motorist’s driving ability should be adequate enough to operate a car safely when he or she is behind the wheel of a vehicle.

26th Jun 2013

When on-the-job injuries occur, workers are often entitled to seek workers’ compensation to pay for medical costs and cover lost wages.

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